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anger managemenT THERAPIST

Anger is a feeling that is often easily accessible for individuals. It has been referred to as a surface emotion, but an emotion nonetheless.  When mismanaged, anger can negatively affect a person’s family, social relationships, work environment.  So how is one to know that they struggle to manage their anger?  Below are indicators of a need for professional help with anger management.

  • Aggressive outbursts on a regular basis

  • The stimulus for the outburst is often less than the response

  • Anxiety and Stress precedes the outburst

  • Struggle to control the anger

  • Regret and remorse after the anger outburst


Though a person may not have anger outbursts, there are other indicators of a need for anger management in the form of:

  • Shutting down within a relationship and feeling righteous in doing so.

  • Passive Aggressiveness

  • Behaving in a way that intentionally hurts someone emotionally.  


Anger comes in many different shapes and sizes.  And developing a plan to manage anger is no different.  There are many factors that cause a struggle to manage anger, including:  Unhealthy family dynamics, peer or social relationships, and a struggle to communicate other emotions, to name a few.  That being said, anger can be managed!


There are several ways to address anger, and all are considered at Philadelphia Wellness Therapy:

  • Working to accept and understand anger with self-compassion.  

  • Learning about what triggers anger, and about physical cues that can be a warning sign.

  • Using physical cues to know when to implement coping skills that may reduce one’s reaction to the anger.

  • Exploring emotions underneath the anger and learning to communicate these emotions in healthy, assertive way.  


Call Mike at Philadelphia Wellness Therapy to schedule a free consultation and discuss anger management.

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